Saturday, April 26, 2008


Good Evening !! (4/23/08) After being bummed out by the results on "American Idol" tonight, I figured the best thing to do would be to post some newsworthy shots on the "backyard" section. The news? Mama Duck showed up this afternoon with her new brood of 11 little ones! What a sight! 11 little furry bodies running first this way, then that! And Mama keeping a calm eye on the whole situation.

Of course, another new resident, Chuck the groundhog, not to be outdone, rushed to be in just about every shot!

What a ham!

After several minutes of frantic feeding,

Mama decided it was time to head home, so she signaled to the "troops"to "form a line"

and head out!
I'm hoping this was one of many visits this year. And I'm sure there will be more than one brood showing up! Now, bring on the hummers!


More later... ~ DaveKay
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Luvly dukkys!