Thursday, July 19, 2007


OK, this one has me stumped. I googled
'woodpecker' and
'catbird'. DaveKay sent this note ~ Got a mystery bird for you to ID. Maybe some of our viewers can come through! It didn't really stick around long enough for me to get any better shots, so this is all we have to go on!
Good luck!

I can tell you that DaveKay lives in Eastern US if that helps any.

Any ideas ? Maybe it's a new species, in which case it'll be a "DK Bird" or maybe a "Spotted DaveKay" Those sound like pretty good names to me, don't ya think. LOL
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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Helena said...

I think it's a young starling. Youngsters are brown, not black and speckled like their parents, and none of the luminescence(sp) in their feathers, either.

About this time of the year the adult starlings start to get their autumn/winter plummage: more speckles on their chests.

It can look odd when the youngsters get this for the first time. They can look like brown birds with speckled waistcoats.

I think this is what is happening here. He is just starting to display his adult plummage of dark feathers with white speckles.

I'm in the UK and see this every year, so provided you also get starlings in the East USA, I think this is what it might be. Or maybe you call them somehting else?