Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hiya.. been a bit busy... trolling around in my photos.. looking for anything I have that I could send to you... found some House Sparrow pics... same little birds that are found in the States.. came from here originally, I think... These were taken at my mother-in-law's place up in Lincolnshire.

I don't know, Dear, I'm not sure it's safe down there.

I'm staying right here !

If I waited for him I'd never get a chance to eat !

Ignore your father, Junior, it's perfectly safe on this feeder.
Cheers, Finny
Thanks for sharing these. All captions came with the photos! All I've done is post this one folks,
Remember you too can share your backyard, the link for submitting your photos is on the right.
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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