Friday, June 26, 2009



Well, it seems things are starting to pick up in the old backyard! Funny thing is that they all showed up after a big rain! I think everyone was basically looking for a dry place to eat, but word of mouth (or beak!), works every time, and before you knew it, the place was jumpin'!

The first visitor was our old pal, Mr. Bunny, who went right for the corn. We hadn't had enough time to get out the carrots! LOL

The next to join us was Chuck, our resident groundhog, who doesn't usually come up on the patio. I guess he figured it was O.K. to come up, being as how Mr. Bunny led the way !

Next was a new visitor to the BY, one we had never seen before. Rather exotic-looking and very brief in his visiting time, he had us running for the bird atlas!

Turns out he was a Yellow-plumed Night Heron, and is not usually seen in this area. His usual hangouts are in marshlands, so we figured he got a little off course. It was neat to see some strangers in the yard for a change!

Then, of course, we had Mrs. Duck and her new family pay us a visit, too! This is the third brood that we have seen so far this year, and we really haven't gotten that far into the season yet!

It was a real joy to see so many critter-friends, old and new, back in the yard. All we need now are some hummers to make it a real nice summer!

Hope you enjoy the shots!
Images and captions courtesy of DaveKay
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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