Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The backyard activity is starting to pick up now. No real pictures yet, but any day now it will start. I have 5 shots for you. Three of them qualify as my BY pics, but 2 of them are from someone else's yard. The first three are in my yard.

The first is a cute shot of a chickadee who fell into the Motherlode of peanuts. As you can see, he could only manage one nut per trip - and he did make many trips!

The other two are shots of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter that occurred last night, the 1st. Jupiter is the lower, larger planet, and Venus is up and to the right. Of course, the crescent moon added that much more drama.
This conjunction, or close pass , between these two won't happen again until Nov. of 2017

Now we come to the other two photos. Of course, my three deer friends left long ago, but a friend I used to work with has better luck! As you can see, he lives very close to a wooded area - as a result, he's paid daily visits by two young deer. In the one picture, Tim's son, Ty, is petting the little guy, while the deer eyeballs the white cat in the foreground!

The other pic is of the other deer: both have large orange dog collars on, mainly to give them a fair chance in case of any close encounters with gun-totin' guys!
~ DaveKay
Images courtesy of DaveKay
Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots. I heard about the Jupiter/Venus conjunction but it was cloudy here (normally is when something in the skies is happening) so I didn't get the chance to see it. And how lucky is your friend and his family to be able to get so close to local wildlife. I hope it fosters a life long love of animals for them all. It's to bad that these lovely creatures have to wear dog collars as a form of protection but if it keeps them from harm I say put collars on all of them !
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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