Friday, July 25, 2008


Not fawns this year but robins !

The nest was situated right next to the front door, so it was difficult to open the door in order to get a good shot. Mama would always fly away, and the chicks would get all excited and start jumping around in the nest.. The shots I got were lucky ones!

I started the series with a picture of the empty nest, showing the location - right in the juncture of the downspout!

Then there's Mama in the nest...

then a series of the "family" growing.

I ended up with the last one sounding off before leaving!
I hope all of them made it, although that's a real longshot, and, unfortunately, not Nature's way.

However, I got the whole story. It doesn't have the same zing as the deer series, or the saga of the ducklings, but it was fun, nevertheless. And, due to the travesty in the park, thanks to our "well-meaning" City Council, there just isn't the activity that existed before. Even the squirrels are noticeably fewer in number. Even Rocky hasn't been around for his "handouts".
Images courtesy of DaveKay
First off, while there may be no zing or saga, it is great to see that all these little ones will have a chance. Thanks for so patiently getting all these shots to share with us. Hope cool it must of been to see this everyday. Watching, waiting, getting pictures and I'm sure there was a bit of worrying now and then too. And I am sorry to hear about the decline in wildlife, even in that wonderful diner you put out. It hasn't been that long since the (what I think of as a raid) event so maybe once things get settled down all the regulars will be back. How could they stay away too long for the "Diner" !
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh boy! Baby robins! I love robins! Did they all do OK???