Monday, July 16, 2007


Well, I've finally done it. Went and got myself a digital camera. Don't have a lot of animal activity around my house (must be the 3 dogs LOL). But the day I got the camera I was outside with the puppy (she chews and digs can't leave her alone for a min!) and suddenly I see a small black paw under the garage door. Being the 'brave' person I am I went in the house and got a broom, opened the door and propped it with the broom. Then I waited.

And was rewarded within 5 mins ! Now this little guy moved very quickly and this was the only shot I got.
Later on while out with the puppy again, I found my 'visitor' up a tree ! Good thing I have my handy dandy camera now !

Here an early morning squirrel at the feeder (kids call it 'Mom's ghetto feeder') It's outside the fence so the dogs can't bother them. Yes. it's a aluminum pan nailed to the tree. Hey, it works.

One variety of my Day Lilies

Finally, got one project done this summer. The whole area was waist high weed and seed trees. (Now just gotta replace that section of fence). This series starts off on the left hand side...


right hand side.

Full view shot. It's shady most of the day (except between 2 and 6ish). And real quiet if there isn't a ball game going on on the other side of the fence !
Well that's it for me this time out. Not what your used to seeing here, but hey I'm still learning to work the camera ! Gotta go practice some more.
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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