Saturday, April 21, 2007


Finally have the robins coming regularly to the feeder. There is a pair, male and female, though I cannot tell them apart unless they are together, lol, and even then I have to rely on their behavior to tell which is which. The reason I know they are a pair is that, with the European Robin, during the breeding season the female engages in 'begging' food from the male when she is most fertile. It looks exactly like the 'begging' that fledglings do just after they leave the nest. You've all seen it, mouth open, wings half spread and shaking. She also makes a distinctive call to attract him. Being territorial the male feeds the female; from what I've read it's literally to shut her up so that other males will not be attracted and attempt to breed her. That being said, lone males apparently 'eavesdrop' at the edge of other, mated, males territories, listening to determine where the female might be. If she's near the edge of the territory or if the resident male isn't around he might try his luck, lol.

These really are bold little birds. Since the weather has turned unseasonably warm I've had the window where the feeders are wide open. A few days ago as I sat here at the pc I kept hearing soft noises from the living room, behind me. Finally I got up to have a look, thinking there might be somebody at the feeder. What I found was a robin having a gay old time investigating the living room, flitting casually from one large house plant to another or perching on the banister railing. I called Steve and we watched him/her for a few more minutes and then went in and herded it back towards the open window. It went out without a fuss leaving me to clean up it's numerous 'calling cards' which were liberally scattered and splattered all over.

They are wee little birds... about 5 1/2 inches long from beak tip to tail tip, and not a whole lot to them, as you can see.

Cheers, Finny

Images courtesy of Finny
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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