Friday, December 08, 2006


O.K., got a few things for the site -- mostly birds that I found in the archives

Juvenile red-breasted woodpecker

mature RBW
(How he can tell the difference is beyond me. But I'm glad he can. I'm wondering why their called Red-breasted ?? It's their heads that's red.)


What have we here?

Looks like popcorn! What movie are they showing today???

Chickadee ~ (They are so tiny.)

And last but certainly not least ~ a junco. (I can always tell when winter gets here. The junco's show up at my house ! Once they show up, it's definitely here.)

We all know that DaveKay has a soft spot for his birds, and I'm mighty glad he does. I heard that he's even installed heating coils in a couple of the bird baths this year. Now they can bath in comfort all winter long! Wait til the word gets out, he'll have plenty of photo ops! To bad birds don't have tags (like cars) so we can keep track of where they all come from. LOL OK DaveKay, we'll be lookin' out for some good ones !!!
So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYARD ??

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