Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Not only do we have pictures from Finny today, but news to! Finny has her own site featuring some very interesting pictures. I will be putting the link to her site at the right, so if anyone is interested they can check it out. (link will be just like the ones at littlebit..). Now when Finny sent these, she also explained a bit about them. So, I've decided to let her 'speak' for her own this time.

First is Vernon the Vole... we tend to name things that we see frequently. Vernon lives on the bank of The Thames where we fish on College property. We're fairly certain the Vernon is a Bank Vole, based on his location and coloration.

Vernon got quite use to us being there and scurried about on business that only a vole could appreciate. He did seem to appreciate the odd kernel of corn or apple we left for him.

One day this lovely female Poplar Hawk Moth hitched a ride on my hubby's jogging pants. She didn't mind being handled and posed for a photo.

Still more photos to come... and if you want to see more of my wildlife.. read that mostly birds.. photos.. and scenics taken here in the UK and the States... as well as Steve's wildlife photos from Kenya... then check out my website http://www.finny.co.uk/
I have photo galleries as well as downloadable slide shows set to music and photo journals (that I really must update... haven't done any since June... sigh).

Cheers, Finny

Photos can be sent to yarders@msnetwork.ws

So take a peek out your window and see WHAT'S IN YOUR BACKYEARD ??

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